Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Glorious Meat

Today we moved on from vegetable cuts and basic stocks and mother sauces to meat, chicken or poulet to be more exact.

Today we roasted a chicken and plated it with a jus, caramelized baby onions and broccoli. I was very happy how mine turned out, the jus was incredibly rich and tasty, nice and clear, everything cooked well. I was really chuffed with the presentation so I took a photo when I finished plating it. On reflection the presentation wasn't as great as I thought it was when I compare it to Chef's demonstration, it's something I need to work on definitely.

Some photos below, first Chefs demonstration dish in the morning, second my version in the afternoon with poorer presentation, hah.

                                                                             Chef ^

                                                    Mine ^ Christ it looks ugly in comparison

So yes, it definitely looks bad but more importantly the flavours were on target and the cooking good. I obviously totally drowned my dish in jus, I think that was a combination of liking it so much and also the good old Kiwi tradition of drowning our roasts in gravy, each to ones own.

We're finished for this week, next week is totally crazy with all the Easter and wedding holidays and interruptions so until then..


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