Monday, 1 August 2011

24 Hours is Not Enough!

As I write today we approach the halfway point in intermediate cuisine. It's been a very busy and exciting few weeks for me, the cooking has really got more advanced and the ingredients more exotic. We're expected to produce a lot more every time we go into the kitchen now, at the very least we'll have to cook a starter and a main and sometimes a dessert. On top of my schedule at college I've been working around 30 hours a week at a modern British style restaurant in Balham. I have good days and bad days there as the commis chef, but the time I spend there is valuable to me as it's definitely teaching me new schools and ways of presentation which have gone down well at college.

Last Friday we had live langoustines and scallops flown in from Scotland and got to make the most incredible risotto and a dessert, here's an example of a typical 2.5 hours in the kitchen, in this case a main and a dessert:

Risotto, langoustines, mussels, scallops

Tuile, berries, lemon sabayon

And now just a random selection of some of the dishes we've cooked:


Moules Mouclade

Lamb Navarin, Spring Garden

Salmon, Scallop + Sole Mousse, Sorrel

Goats Cheese, Grapes, Poppy seed Vinaigrette


Dover Sole

Duck, Beetroot, Apple, Pear, Celeriac

Confit Duck

Basque Chicken


  1. Those dishes look amazing. Cannot wait you to create something for me when I visit

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